Civil/crime news: contract extensions activated

Legal Aid Agency

October 4
16:55 2016

We are putting in to effect the extensions that we gave notice of earlier this year for the following contracts:

  • 2010 Standard Civil Contract (mediation) to 31 March 2018
  • Crime Contingency Contract to 31 March 2017

If you hold one of these contracts no action is required.

New schedules

We have issued new schedules for work conducted under contracts/ exclusive schedules set out below. This is because existing schedules have either expired or will expire shortly:

Current schedule end date New schedule start date Contract
30/09/2016 01/10/20162013 Welfare Benefits Contract
30/09/2016 01/10/2016 Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme (HPCDS) exclusive schedules
30/09/2016 01/10/2016 Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) exclusive schedules
31/10/16 01/11/2016 2010 Standard Civil Contract (mediation)

All schedules issued will run until 31 March 2017.

From 1 April 2017 we will issue 12 month schedules for the 2010 Standard Civil Contract (mediation) and 2013 Welfare Benefits Contract.

From this date we will also continue to issue 6 month schedules for HPCDS and IRC services until the end of the exclusive schedule term. HPCDS and IRC exclusive schedules hang from the 2013 Standard Civil Contract which has been extended to 31 March 2018.

This means the end of the exclusive schedule term for both HPCDS and IRC services will be 31 March 2018, subject to:

  • scheme specific action as a result of court closures affecting some HPCDS
  • any necessary action the LAA may be required to take to enable the replacement of the Detained Fast Track process at IRCs


Holders of the IRC and HPCDS schedules will be sent these directly. All other new schedules will be uploaded and available to view by 31 October 2016. Work completed in October can be reported from 1 November 2016.

If you have any questions over your new allocation, you should contact your contract manager.

New schedule references

New schedule references will be required for reporting work started under the following new schedules:

  • 2013 Welfare Benefits
  • 2010 Standard Civil Contract (Mediation)
  • Crime Contingency Contract

You should look for updates on the LAA Online Portal message board for details of the new references.

Further information

LAA Online Portal

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