Civil news: 2016/17 schedules and 2013 contract extensions

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March 1
10:27 2016

We are planning to replace schedules for civil contracts coming to an end on 31 March 2016.

The new schedules will be available to view on the same date i.e. 31 March. These include:

  • 2010 Standard Civil Contract (mediation)
  • 2013 Standard Civil Contract (family, housing and debt, immigration and asylum)
  • 2014 Standard Civil Contract (mental health and community care)
  • 2015 Standard Civil Contract (actions against the police etc, public law and clinical negligence)

New schedules for these categories will be issued in accordance with the rules set out at paragraphs 1.24 to 1.27 of the contract specification.

Matter start allocation

The matter start allocation will be calculated on the basis that providers receive 100% of the matters that they reported in the previous schedule period.

The only exception is where providers reported 80% or less of their previous allocation. In these circumstances, provider will receive 80% of their previous allocation.

The contract extension for the 2013 Standard Civil Contract announced in November 2015 will also be put in to effect.


The new contract civil schedules will be uploaded and available to view by 31 March 2016. Work completed in April can be reported from 1 May 2016.

Where providers have the power to self-grant a further 50% matter starts they may do so in addition to the amount specified in the schedule.

Where a provider does not have the power to self-grant, they can request up to an additional 50% of matter starts from the contract manager.

If you have any questions over your new allocation, you should contact your contract manager.

Further information

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