Civil news: checklist for controlled work applications

Legal Aid Agency

October 26
14:26 2015

Checklists for (CW3) controlled work extension forms have been introduced to give clarity on our submission requirements and standardise the format.

There is one checklist for the CW3 A&B and another for the CW3C

The checklists have been introduced following discussions with provider representative bodies and will be used by caseworkers from 1 November 2015 when considering CW3 applications

This is part of a wider package of measures to improve the acceptance rates of CW3 submissions. These include:

  1. electronic CW3 form
  2. additional guidance in the escape cases electronic handbook

Checklists are relied on by our processing teams and were introduced to assist with increasing the acceptance rate of the forms submitted. They also detail:

  • our requirements
  • documentation we need
  • guidance on form completion and payment rules

Requirements are not changing

There are no changes to the general requirements of the work. The checklists are simply there to guide you in providing the information we need to process the work and reduce rejected applications.

How to use the checklists

We recommend that the checklists are used as a pre-submission check.

If your CW3 is rejected, you can use the checklist again to help ensure that there will be no further rejects.

Further information

CW3 A & B forms

CW3C forms

Introduction of electronic CW3 application forms news story

Escape cases handbook

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