Civil news: CCMS upgrade saves time and improves navigation

Legal Aid Agency

January 7
12:22 2016

A CCMS upgrade is being released to introduce an improved merits section for users. This began on 6 January 2016 and firms will be brought online alphabetically by organisation/firm name.

The new merits section will:

  • halve the overall number of screens in the merits interview
  • enable users to track their progress through the merits interview and
  • allow users to navigate back and forward to different sections

If you are a CCMS user, well email you when you are given access to this upgrade.

Why use this upgraded version?

Those testing the upgrade confirmed that the merits interview is much improved in terms of time spent on the merits interview, navigation and progress tracking.

So if you havent already started using the system, now is a good time as CCMS will not change significantly before it becomes fully mandatory.

Were now processing CCMS applications faster than paper applications. With over 65% of applications coming in electronically, we have arranged for more staff to work on CCMS cases.


Training materials and screen shots showing the main upgrade changes are available on the CCMS website links below.

If youve already done the relevant training, you wont need to repeat this - the changes are navigational and not process changes.

Information and feedback

Training: CCMS website

Your feedback on the upgrade: visit the link on the upgraded CCMS homepage or email us at

Technical queries: 0203 334 6664

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