Guidance: Add your property to your account

Valuation Office Agency

October 30
12:53 2023

You need to provide proof of your relationship to the property (such as a copy of the business rates or utility bill) as some of the valuation information is confidential and must only be available to those that have the right to see it.

Business rates bills

Your local authority usually send business rates bills once a year, although they may send updated bills if they have to recalculate your business rates (for example, if your rateable value changes).As well as proving your connection to your property, rates bills include important information such as your propertys address and billing authority reference.

If you do not have a business rates bill

If you do not pay business rates for a property (for example, if you own the property but a tenant pays the bills) you can use other evidence to show your connection to the property. Other evidence includes lease agreements and utility bills.

After you have claimed your property

It may take up to 15 working days for your property claim to be approved. Once it has been, your property will be added to your account and youll be able to check the details.

If your valuation is not available online

Details for some properties are not yet available online. You can request valuation details for these properties to be sent to you. You should receive the valuation within 20 working days.

Published 30 November 2020
Last updated 30 October 2023 +show all updates
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