Acknowledging non-domestic rating appeals

Valuation Office Agency

March 26
14:53 2015

We are currently receiving a lot of appeals (formally known by the VOA as proposals). This means we may take more than our usual three working days to acknowledge your appeal.

We aim to confirm receipt of your appeal within 28 days. This means well check as far as possible that the proposal form has been filled in correctly and that the information provided meets the statutory requirements. It does not mean that we accept that the rateable value is wrong.

If you submit your appeal using our online service, you should receive an automatic delivery receipt by email. We will then formally confirm receipt of the proposal within 28 days.

If you have submitted your appeal by post or email, we will seek to acknowledge it within 28 days.

Have you received my appeal?

All hard copy appeals are stamped with a receipt date when they arrive with us. We use this date as the receipt date, even if we are not able to acknowledge it immediately.

If you submitted an appeal more than 28 days ago you can check the progress of your appeal online.

If you have submitted an appeal through our online service and think that you did not receive an automatic delivery receipt you should check your email spam folders.

What happens if we say the appeal isnt valid after 31 March 2015?

We will explain why we do not think it is valid. You can then correct the appeal and resubmit it within 28 days of us notifying you of this . We will use the date you originally submitted that appeal as the receipt date.

Should I submit an appeal, just in case?

Before you make an appeal, check the details of your property and valuation online. You can also check if there has already been an appeal.

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