Insolvency Service forms: removal and replacement

The Insolvency Service

January 20
14:36 2017

From 6 April 2017, as part of the changes introduced by the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016, all statutory forms relating to insolvency procedures will be withdrawn. These will be replaced with documents whose form and content is prescribed by the Rules.

As a consequence of this change, the Insolvency Service will be archiving all the statutory forms that are currently available through its page. The Insolvency Service will be replacing these with a small number of forms, comprising no more than 20, that contain prescribed content and which have been identified as having an impact upon Official Receiver work and will be of benefit to its customers. These forms only concern compulsory liquidations and bankruptcies.

These will be available as a collection on for the public to use but there will be no legal requirement to do so. Where users choose to produce their own documents, however, they must make sure the prescribed content is included in compliance with the Rules.

The standard content for Gazette notices; documents to be delivered to the Registrar of Companies; notices to be delivered to other persons etc; and applications to the court can be found in chapters 4 to 8 respectively of Part 1 of the Rules.

Next steps

To enable a timely transition to the new forms, we will shortly start removing the current files, setting up redirections as we do.

These redirections will be to a single page with a downloadable zip file that contains all of the current forms to allow continued access during this transitional period.

On 6 April the new forms will be released as a new document collection.

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