Guidance: SSRO Support

Single Source Regulations Office

April 26
07:56 2023

The SSRO provides support to the MOD and defence contractors in relation to the regulatory framework established by the Defence Reform Act 2014 and the Single Source Contract Regulations 2014. The SSROs support is designed to:

  • inform people about the regulatory framework, the role of the SSRO and aspects of its work, such as guidance, compliance reviews and referrals;
  • assist contractors to submit reports required under the regulatory framework and apply the SSROs guidance; and
  • help the MOD and contractors to use the Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System (DefCARS).

To contact the SSRO with a query, call 020 3771 4785 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) or email

Particular types of support provided by the SSRO are described in the sections below:



Our helpdesk provides ongoing support to contractors and the MOD. It operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. It can be contacted on 020 3771 4785 or by email at We can also arrange online video calls via Microsoft Teams.

We answer most helpdesk queries within 1 or 2 working days and aim to respond to all queries within a maximum of 5 working days. The SSRO also publishes on a quarterly basis the responses it provides to commonly asked questions.

MOD staff should follow internal routes for guidance and support in the first instance but can also (after that) contact the helpdesk for any additional support.


Some matters related to how the regulatory framework operates in specific circumstances require very detailed consideration and, as such, cannot be answered by the SSRO helpdesk. Where the Act and Regulations permit, the MOD or a contractor may seek an expert opinion or determination from the SSRO on the application of the regulatory framework. We have provided guidance for the MOD and contractors on making a referral for an opinion or a determination. To discuss a potential referral, please email or contact and we will direct you to a member of staff.

Pricing contracts

We provide statutory guidance on adjustments to the baseline profit rate to arrive at a contract profit rate and Allowable Costs that can form part of the contract price. The contracting authority (usually the MOD) and contractors must have regard to this guidance when agreeing and pricing the contract.

Getting familiar with the regulatory framework


The SSROs About Us page explains that we offer on-boarding meetings to contractors who have or will have a QDC or QSC for the first time. These meetings are designed to help contractors understand the regulations, their obligations under them and how to prepare and submit reports. The meetings include a demonstration of DefCARS and use a standard slide pack (available on request ahead of on-boarding meetings). Companies who already have qualifying contracts can also request on-boarding meetings to further develop their understanding or to induct new teams. To request a meeting or initial information about the SSRO and the regulatory framework, please email

The first contract reports are due for submission within one month of a qualifying contract being entered into. The SSRO reporting system (DefCARS) enables contractors to develop draft reports for potential contracts and discuss them with the MOD before the contracts are entered into and reports formally submitted.

Preparing reports


Contractors must provide statutory contract and supplier reports to the MOD and the SSRO using DefCARS and we provide guidance on the preparation of these reports.

The SSRO publishes contract reporting guidance to help contractors understand how to prepare and submit their reports, which includes the relevant reporting deadlines. Reports developed using the potential QDC feature will have their status changed once it has been confirmed that the contract has been entered into, to allow for submission.

It can be complicated to understand when supplier reports are required and we have provided detailed guidance in section 2 of our supplier reporting guidance to help contractors understand when these are required.

Reviewing report submissions

Once a report is submitted, it will be reviewed by the MOD and the SSRO. The SSROs compliance methodology explains our approach to reviewing reports. Any issues identified by either party will be raised in DefCARS and will identify the relevant area of the report. The contractor can provide comments in response to the identified issue or submit a correction of the original report. We provide support to contractors to help them understand why issues have been raised on reports. Contractors should contact the SSRO helpdesk where they are unclear on why issues have been raised. We also publish an Annual Compliance Report to help contractors understand how compliance with reporting requirements and the quality of data provided in the reports can be improved.

DefCARS system

The Reporting Guidance and DefCARS page provides information of the current status of the reporting system.

DefCARS training

We run separate DefCARS training sessions for the MOD and industry. If you are interested in arranging training or would like your name added to the delegate list for the next course please email

Operational Working Group

We communicate with key stakeholders through our Operational Working Group and its Reporting and IT sub-group. We provide email updates to members of the group and hold regular meetings at which we discuss the regulatory framework and the SSROs activities. If you would like to be included in either of these groups, please contract he

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