Complete your application form, annexes and maps

Rural Payments Agency

February 24
20:49 2021

Step 1 Start your application form

If youve received the pack by email after youve saved it to your computer, fill in the form on your screen.

If youve received the pack by post:

  • use black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS. Do not use pencil or felt-tip pen
  • do not cross through whole pages or remove pages
  • do not use correction fluid. Correct mistakes and initial and date them. Completely fill any checkbox containing a mistake and put an X or a tick in the correct box.

You must sign your application at Section 5 if you are submitting a paper application by post.

Front page

Confirm which type of Higher Tier agreement you are applying for: Tick one box.

Confirm the land cover of any Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Scheduled Monuments on your holding: If there are any Sites of Special Scientific interest or Scheduled Monuments within your holding, tick the box(es) to confirm they are in woodland or non woodland areas. This affects the type of agreement you can apply for.

Proposed agreement title: Enter the title that you want the proposed agreement to be known by, for example the land or farm name.

Your Application ID is pre-populated. If this is blank, contact us for help.

Section 1: Applicant Details

1. Your SBI is already pre-populated

2. Fill in (a) and (b) with the name and business name of the applicant (unless already pre-populated).

Fill in (c) and (d) with details of the main contact for this application if these are different to the applicant at a) and the printed business name at b). This could be the applicant or a submission agent.

Please contact us immediately with any changes to the contact information at c) and d). Please make any other changes in the Rural Payments service.

3. If you are not VAT registered and want to include VAT for any actual cost items youre claiming for, you must submit confirmation from an accountant confirming that youre not VAT registered. Tick Yes or No as applicable.

4.a) Confirm whether you have management control of all the land in the application for the entire length of the scheme commitments and can meet the Declaration and Undertakings in Section 5.

If Yes, go to Question 5.

If No, read about management control in the Who can apply and what land is eligible section in the Higher Tier manual for 2021 and complete Questions 4(b) and 4(c).

4.b) Confirm that you have completed a copy of the CS Land Ownership and Control form with the person who will take over the agreement responsibilities if the applicant ceases to have management control over any of the land. This would normally be the landlord or another person who has management control.

Get a copy of the CS Land Ownership and Control form on GOV.UK. Or call us to ask for a paper copy if you cannot get online.

4.c) Confirm whether anyone named in the CS Land Ownership and Control form(s) is a Public Body, for example, local authorities, National Park authorities, public corporations. If Yes, submit a copy of your tenancy agreement with your application.

Section 2 Land details

5. If you are a tenant and there are obligations in your tenancy agreement to carry out environmental management, you may not seek funding for the same activities in your CS application. Tick to confirm that you will not seek funding for these activities.

If you are not a tenant or if your tenancy agreement does not include obligations to carry out environment management, do not tick the box.

6. Leave this box blank if none of the land in your application is common or shared grazing land and go to Question 7. If any of the land in your application is common and/or shared grazing land, you must:

7. Tick Yes at a) if someone else is claiming for BPS on any land parcels in this application. Then tell us if you are the landlord or tenant for the parcels being claimed by someone else at (b). Read section 3.2 in the Higher Tier manual on GOV.UK.

Otherwise tick No and go to Question 8.

8. If this application is linked to a CS facilitation fund enter the name of a CS facilitation fund project.

Read more information about the CS facilitation fund on GOV.UK. If this does not apply to the land in your application leave the box blank.

9. If any of the land in your application is in a protected landscape, for example, a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or World Heritage Site), tell us the name of the protected landscape, for example, Peak District National Park.

If this does not apply to the land in your application, leave the box blank.

10. Enter the name(s) of the Site(s) of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on your holding.

You must include in your application all SSSI land on your holding. If the SSSI is woodland, Natural England will be able to confirm whether there are any suitable options to manage the woodland under CS.

If this does not apply to the land in your application leave the box blank.

11. If you intend to manage any Historic Environment features in your application, enter their details in the table.

Historic features may include:

  • designated historic and archaeological features including Scheduled Monuments, battlefields or registered parks and gardens
  • undesignated historic and archaeological features including those identified on the Selected Heritage Inventory for Natural England (SHINE), those not identified on SHINE and priority undesignated historic parklands - these features may not show on the MAGIC website.
  • designated and undesignated traditional farm buildings in need of maintenance (see options HS1 and HS8).

You must include all Scheduled Monuments on your holding in your application.

You can identify historic environment features on your holding using your Environment Information map, a previous Historic Environment Farm Record (HEFER) response, the maps on the MAGIC website or your own records.

If you do not already have a HEFER, we will automatically send you one after you request an application pack.

Read Historic Environment Farm Environment Record HEFER) in the How to Apply section of the Higher Tier m

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