Guidance: Rights of Way order information: Decisions and maps published in 2023 and 2024

Planning Inspectorate

April 24
09:49 2024

All decisions and maps are published as a joint document.

All Rights of Way order published case documents 2015 - present day

24 April 2024 - ROW/3310432 East Riding of Yorkshire Council,ROW/3273599 Derbyshire County Council, ROW/3278588 Dorset Council, ROW/3283792 North Yorkshire County Council, ROW/3296708, ROW/3314239 Cumbria County Council, ROW/3303176/ROW/3303178 Portsmouth City Council, ROW/3304133, ROW/3304518 Norfolk County Council, ROW/3306850 London Borough of Redbridge, ROW/3311257 South Gloucestershire Council, ROW/3315747 Bath and North East Somerset Council, ROW/3316971 Essex County Council, ROW/3318247 Bedford Borough Council, ROW/3320453 Surrey County Council, ROW/3322263 Ribble Valley Borough Council, ROW/3311269 Kent County Council, ROW/3297710M Hampshire County Council.

12 March 2024 - ROW/3318866, ROW/3319112 Staffordshire County Council, ROW/3278807, ROW/3308695, ROW/3292813, ROW/3294870 Oxfordshire County Council, ROW/3284094, ROW/3289783 Dorset Council, ROW/3287255, ROW/3295476 Wiltshire Council, ROW/3292846 Hampshire County Council, ROW/3294587 Norfolk County Council, ROW/3295549, ROW/3297877 Somerset County Council, ROW/3304242 Babergh District Council, ROW/3312738, ROW/3311412 Essex County Council, ROW/3314087 Devon County Council, ROW/3292724 Cambridgeshire County Council, ROW/3295334 East Sussex County Council, ROW/3301051 Derbyshire County Council, ROW/3305445 Norfolk County Council, ROW/3306847 & ROW/3306852 Lincolnshire County Council, ROW/3309474 City of York, ROW/3313924, ROW/3314389 Bedford Borough Council, ROW/3315992 Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council, ROW/3317794 Portsmouth City Council, ROW/3320118 West Sussex County Council.

Ashford Borough Council

(Public Footpath AE345 (Part) Mersham) Public Path Stopping Up Order 2022

Babergh District Council

(Polstead Footpath No 35 (Part)) Public Path Diversion Order 2021

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough

(West Riding of Yorkshire County Council Definitive Map and Statement) (Dearne) Modification Order (No. 20) 2022

Bath and North East Somerset Council

(Public Footpath BC16/1, Kelston Road, Newbridge) Public Path Diversion Order 2022

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