The new home on the web for the National DNA Database Ethics Group

National DNA Database Ethics Group

March 27
13:00 2013

The National DNA Database Ethics Group has now moved its content to the new GOV.UK website, joining 16 other departments whose content moved to GOV.UK between November 2012 and March 2013. Content from all remaining departments will be brought into the site in the coming few months.

GOV.UK makes it simpler, clearer and faster to find out:

  • how government works
  • what the government is doing
  • how you can get involved

What this means for our visitors

If you have a page on our current website bookmarked, dont worry. Links will continue to work. Our current web pages will either re-direct to the new pages on GOV.UK that contain the same information, or link to an archived version of the page on The National Archives website.

And there are a number of features mean the website will be much easier to use, allowing you to find the latest information much faster.

There are new ways to search on GOV.UK including an advanced publications search that allows you to filter by keyword, publication type, topic, department and date.

If you are interested in the workings of government you will be able to see information from multiple government departments grouped by topic.

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