The 2016 National DNA Database Ethics Group annual report has been published

National Dna Database Ethics Group

October 30
15:03 2017

The NDNADEG was established in 2007 as an advisory non-departmental public body to provide independent advice to ministers and the National DNA Database Strategy Board on ethical issues concerning the operation of the National DNA Database.

The NDNADEG considered a number of important issues during 2016, including:

  • the use of next generation sequencing technologies
  • a pilot project on the international exchange of DNA
  • the development of a set of high level ethical principles for stakeholders
  • the retention and use of custody images
  • the role of forensics in achieving criminal justice outcomes
  • developments in rapid DNA and Y-Short Tandem Repeat technologies
  • ground-truth databases
  • DNA paternity testing for child maintenance cases

Read the 2016 annual report of the National DNA Database Ethics Group (NDNADEG).

This is the final report of the NDNADEG, which was replaced by the Biometrics and Forensics Ethics

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