Regulation: Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) reference table

Military Aviation Authority

December 4
11:17 2023


If consultation is to be undertaken on an amendment to the regulations or the implementation of new regulation, the MAA will issue an NPA. The NPA will explain the rationale behind the amendment, the possible impact on the regulated community (developed into an impact assessment (IA)) and set the deadline for comment/feedback. Feedback is important to further develop the IA.

Comments or enquiries on any NPA are to be sent to by the date stated in the NPA. Please use the NPA Response Form template provided below to return your consolidated comments.

After the comments closure date, the NPA will be removed from the website.

NPA comment response sheets contain the collated MAA responses to individual NPA publications.

In the final preparation for publication similar Regulated Community comments have been consolidated into one response.

Some of the MAA responses to the Regulated Community comments may have been superseded by further internal review prior to the official publication of the new issue.

Published 14 November 2014
Last updated 4 December 2023 +show all updates
  1. NPA 23/43 consolidated comments for RA 2330 - Low Flying have been published.

  2. NPA 23/32 consolidated comments for RA 4800 General Requirements (MRP Part 145), RA 4801 Certifying Staff, RA 4806 - Personnel Requirements (MRP 145.A.30), RA 4807 - Certifying Staff1 and Support Staff (MRP 145.A.35), RA 4808 - Equipment, Tools and Material (MRP 145.A.40), RA 4809 - Acceptance of Components (MRP 145.A.42), RA 4810 - Technical Information (MRP 145.A.45), RA 4811 - Maintenance Planning (MRP 145.A.47) - Issue 5, RA 4812 - Certification of Air System Release and Component Release (MRP 145.A.50), RA 4813 - Maintenance Records (MRP 145.A.55), RA 4815 - Maintenance Procedures and Safety and Quality Policy (MRP 145.A.65) and RA 4816 - Maintenance Organization Exposition (MRP 145.A.70) - Approved Maintenance Organizations only, NPA 23/34 consolidated comments for RA 4943 - Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition - MRP Part M Subpart G, RA 4945 - Personnel Requirements - MRP Part M Subpart G, RA 4947 - Continuing Airworthiness Management - MRP Part M Subpart G, RA 4951 - Quality System - MRP Part M Subpart G, RA 4961 - Aircraft Maintenance Programme and Military Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Responsibilities for Air System Release - MRP Part M Subpart C, RA 4963 - Modifications and Repairs - MRP Part M Subpart C, RA 4964 - Continuing Airworthiness Management Records - MRP Part M Subpart C, RA 4972 - Military Airworthiness Review Surveyors - MRP Part M Subpart I, NPA 23/37 consolidated comments for RA 3293 Surveillance Radar Approach, NPA 23/39 consolidated comments for RA 5013 - Air Safety Management of Equipment and Commodity Items, RA 5301 Air System Configuration Management, RA 5305 In-Service Design Changes, RA 5406 Aircrew Publications, RA 5407 Support Policy Statement, RA 5726 Integrity Management, RA 5815 Instructions for Sustaining Type Airworthiness and RA 5850 Military Design Approved Organization (MRP Part 21 Subpart J) and NPA 23/40 consolidated comments for RA 1208 - Flight Data Monitoring has been published.

  3. NPA 23/46 has been published proposing amendments to RA 2103 - Currency and Continuation Training. This NPA closes for comments on 2 January 2024.

  4. NPA 23/45 has been published proposing amendments to RA 1019 - Sponsor of Military Registered Civilian-Owned Air Systems or Civilian Operated Air Systems - Air Safety Responsibilities, RA 1160 - The Defence Air Environment Operating Framework, RA 1160 - Certificate of Usage Template, RA 1161 Military Registration of Aircraft Operating within the Defence Air Environment, RA 1161 - Approval in Principle Template, RA 1161 - Request for Activation on MAR, RA 1162 Air Safety Governance Arrangements for Civilian Operated (Development) and (In-Service) Air Systems, RA 1163 Air Safety Governance Arrangements for Special Case Flying Air Systems, RA 1164 Transfer

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