Civil news: 2 counsel high cost case change will boost cash flow

Legal Aid Agency

July 11
13:35 2019

We are making family case planning changes on 15 July which will boost your cash flow for legal aid work and reduce the administrative burden.

When does the new process apply?

The change applies when:

  • prior authority is granted for Queens Counsel or 2 Counsel to include representation at a fact finding hearing or composite hearing

  • the provider accepts that the QC/2 Counsel care case fee scheme will apply

The new scheme does not apply to cases subject to detailed case plans.

What needs to happen in CCMS?

When prior authority has been granted the provider will need to use the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) to:

  • upload signed contract documentation

  • apply immediately for a new cost limit of 60,000 via a cost amendment

Will we ever need interim CCFS forms?

You will only need to make interim CCFS QC/2 Counsel form submissions where such authority has been granted if estimated costs exceed 60,000. This can apply at any point before the case concludes.

What about final CCFS forms?

A final CCFS QC/2 Counsel form submission must be made when the case concludes. This should be submitted with the supporting final assessment streamlining tool (FAST) checklist documentation.

What are the benefits?

The new process allows providers and counsel to seek increased payments on account at an earlier stage against the 60,000 limit, aiding cash flow.

It will reduce the amount of contact between providers and the agency for these cases within CCMS as there will be fewer interim submissions.

You should note that this change applies only to those cases where authority for Queens Counsel or 2 counsel has been granted.

Further information

Family high cost cases

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