Testing wider rejection for first registrations

HM Land Registry

August 1
15:05 2017

During the trial, we will widen our rejection criteria of first registration applications to cover incorrect fees being quoted, and points that we think our customers should get right first time, such as:

When we reject applications, we will explain why we rejected them.

Between 20 and 31 March, we applied wider rejection criteria to some of the registration applications we received. You can see the areas we trialed for rejection and our reasons for testing in our customer blog from 17 March.

The trial broadly told us that customers were able and willing to adapt to a wider rejection policy, but that they would need a long lead in time to update their processes. The trial also told us the wider rejection has potential to improve our overall speed of service, which we know our customers want.

We now need more information about rejecting first registration applications to clarify which aspects of fees customers have difficulties with, and to improve our understanding of any impacts to customers and our organisation over a sustained period of time. We will, therefore, review the trial in November.

We continue to work with customers to improve the quality of applications we receive. We have met customers to discuss improvements while investigating other ways of helping, such as improving the way we report requisition (a formal request for the applicant to supply the information) data and testing a webinar that will help customers avoid requisitions.

Our customers can avoid requisitions and rejections by following:

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