Diwali 2015: message from Greg Clark

Department for Communities and Local Government

November 11
10:01 2015

Diwali 2015: message from Greg Clark

A transcript of the video message is below:

Happy Diwali.

The festival of lights gives people across Britain an opportunity to reflect on the significant contribution that those of the Hindu, Sikh and Jain faiths make to our country.

My thoughts go back just a bit earlier this year to the annual Sewa Day, the day of selfless service - thousands out in force, giving their time to make their local communities better places for everyone.

Thats a wonderful reflection of your faith. Its also a perfect example of our British values of compassion and goodwill that bind our country together.

Of course, along side this reflection, Diwali also offers the opportunity for family and friends to take time out of their busy lives, to come together, and to enjoy each others company.

So on this special occasion Id like to wish all of those celebrating Diwali my very best wishes.

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