Detailed guide: Access defence science and technology research

Defence Science Technology Laboratory

November 13
13:12 2019

Access Dstls published research

Wherever possible, we aim to publish the results of our work in open peer-reviewed literature. A list of published research with hyperlinks to abstracts (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 156KB) is regularly updated; the most recent additions are at the top of the spreadsheet.

Access wider defence science and technology research through Athena

Dstl manages a central repository, known as Athena, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Athena stores MOD-sponsored scientific and technical research reports, which are available to the wider defence and security community (including government, industry and academia) in accordance with security, legal and commercial conditions.

Find out about the latest research reports added to Athena

Defence Reporter

Athena produces a bulletin called Defence Reporter that provides unclassified bibliographic information of research reports recently added to the Athena report collection. Defence Reporter is aimed at industry and academic staff working in defence and security, to keep them informed about the results of MOD-funded research. Previous editions of Defence Reporter can be found here.

Anyone can subscribe to Defence Reporter; please email to subscribe.

Request full-text research reports

The full text of reports listed in Defence Reporter or the Defence Research Citations email alerts can be requested by completing a Need to know form for UK Nationals (MS Word Document, 76KB) or a 'Need to know' form for Foreign Nationals (MS Word Document, 78.5KB) and emailing it to the Report Request Team.

The Report Request Team will release the requested report depending on the classification and release conditions of the report as detailed here:

Document classification Report release condition Outcome
Unclassified Releasable to industry, academia or an unlimited audience Document will be released
Protectively marked Releasable to industry, academia or an unlimited audience The Report Request Team will check the requesters security clearance and release the report if the requester has appropriate security clearance
Any Only releasable to MOD or Government The Report Request Team will contact the individual responsible for the reports release to ask if the report can be released for the reasons provided in the request form. The report will only be released if that individual approves.
Any No/ambiguous release statement provided in the report The Report Request Team will contact the individual responsible for the reports release to ask if the report can be released. If the report author or individual responsible for releasing the report cant be contacted, Dstls Intellectual Property Team will make a decision on whether the report can be released.

Find out more about Athena

For information about how MOD employees can access the Athena report collection via the MOD secure networks, please contact

Athena welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have for further development of Athenas products and services. Please send your comments to

Submit your research report to Athena

Read guidance about how to submit a report to Athena.

Policy for re-use of information

Copyright works produced by Dstl staff are, unless otherwise indicated, subject to Crown copyright. Dstls authority for licensing its Crown-owned copyrights and database rights is achieved through a delegation from the Controller of Her Majestys Stationery Office (HMSO).

To conform to the use/re-use of public sector information in line with UK Crown copyright policy, Dstl has adopted the Open Government Licence (OGL) v3.0 for licensing available Crown copyright works cleared for use/re-use, in particular for external publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Charging policy

Pursuant to the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015, documents supplied by Dstl as part of the MOD Public Task (see page 15 for relevant information) will be available for re-use unless they are excluded by virtue of exemptions in the 2015 Regulations.

If the requested material is within MODs public task then there will generally be no fee for re-use. However, if the requested material is fully outside MODs public task, additional charges will apply. Due to the varying nature of the material available for re-use, no standard fee structure is available. However please contact for details of any charges in relation to particular requests.

Complaints procedure

Should you at any time be dissatisfied with the service you have received with respect to licensing of Crown copyright material, please get in touch with your regular Dstl contact and discuss your concerns with them. Alternatively, you could ask to speak to their manager. If, however, the problem has not been resolved or handled to your satisfaction, or you do not have a regular Dstl contact, you may wish to make a formal complaint.

To make a complaint, please write to Dstls Head of Intellectual Property at the following address:

Head of Intellectual Property

Commercial Services and Intellectual Property
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
G01-B/Building 5
Porton Down

SP4 0JQ<

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