Guidance: Managing candidates through pre-employment checks (vX)

Civil Service Resourcing

December 15
13:11 2023

Dashboard overview

Go to the dashboard and the Pre-employment checking tab. This tab shows action buttons and a chart showing the number of candidates at key statuses.

The Candidates at pre-employment checks button shows a table with all candidates at their current status, with their status for each check.

To access a candidates application summary, double-click the application record.Outstanding checks will appear as buttons at the top of the page.

In most cases, there are two possible outcomes for each check:

  • Check passed
  • Refer to risk assessment - this allows details to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Some checks have an additional option of Check failed.

Assigning candidates who are ready to check

Candidates can be assigned to team members, either individually or in bulk. This can be useful for moving a candidate through the different checking stages.

Assigning multiple candidates

  1. List applications, and select candidates to assign.
  2. Select Bulk Actions and Update Selected Rows.
  3. Select Candidate Assigned To.
  4. Select your team member from the list.
  5. Update Items.

Assigning individual candidates

  1. Find the candidate record and go to the Application Forms tab.
  2. Select the Flags form.
  3. Update the Candidate Assigned To field.
  4. Submit.

Right to work check

The right to work check is usually completed before starting other checks.

  1. Go to the candidates Application Summary. Their status should be Right to Work Check Available.
  2. Select the Right to work checks form button.
  3. Select Compare Another Form to display the interview form.
  4. Complete the Right to Work form based on your organisations ID requirements policy.
  5. Submit.

There are three possible outcomes:

  • Pre-employment checks status - candidate has passed the right to work check.
  • Right to work check - failed status - you can move the candidate to Right to work check failed - candidate informed, and the candidate will be emailed.
  • Right to work checks - Awaiting Documentation status - sends automatic email saying they will be contacted by the vacancy holder to discuss ID requirements. You must contact the vacancy holder separately with details of the missing information.

Once any missing documentation has been provided, you can complete the check.

Remaining checks

After the right to work check is complete, you can proceed through the remaining checks. The combination of checks required will depend on how the vacancy is set up, whether a candidate is already a civil servant, and your departmental policies.

See Selecting pre-employment checks for vacancies and candidates for details of how to request checks.

Criminal record check

Basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Where the candidate is required to complete a basic criminal record check for a job based in England or Wales, there will be a DBS Form button.

  1. Go to the candidates Application Summary. Their status should be Pre Employment Checks.
  2. Select the DBS Form button.
  3. Select Compare Another Form to display another form - such as interview form to check ID documents
  4. Complete the DBS form and Submit. This sends the candidates information to DBS for processing.
  5. Go to the Criminal Record Check form and record dates

You can review the DBS check status on the applications summary tab at any time. It will be updated as soon as results are returned from DBS.

All other criminal record checks

For checks with Disclosure Scotland, Access NI or Standard/Enhanced DBS checks, there is a Criminal Record Check button.

You can record how checks are progressing by adding notes in the form.

Employment history and references

Employment History Check (using PAYE)

If you have direct access to the HMRC PAYE system, or if you commission Government Recruitment Service to provide this service, you can use the Employment History checking form.

Where a PAYE check outcome is References required the system will automatically email referees the candidates has provided.


The following guidance is for vacancies from December 2023 onwards, where candidates will have completed a Verifying your history page in their pre-employment check form.

Emails will be automatically sent to referees, either after the PAYE check if references are required; or where the employment history check is not used, when the application reaches the pre-employment check status.

Candidates should have informed their referees prior to providing their details, so any of the referees can be contacted. For vacancies created before 13 December 2023, you should check the candidates pre-employment form to confirm whether the candidate has given consent for each referee to be contacted.

Referees can be reminded using the Issue/reissue reference buttons and the button will disappear if the referee has provided a response.

Once the referees have submitted their reference forms, they will be visible as Referee 1 form, Referee 2 form, and Referee 3 form in the Application forms tab of the candidates Application Summary.

The Review Returned References button lets you review references, track progress, and enter an outcome.

References for vacancies created before December 2023 will remain visible in the References tab.

Previous Civil Service employment

The Review previous Civil Service employment button allows you to review details of earlier employment, track any requests for further information, and enter an outcome.

If the outcome is Failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.

Internal Fraud Check

The Internal Fraud Check button allows you to track progress and enter the outcome of an internal fraud in government check.

If the outcome is Failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.

Overseas history

The Overseas history button allows you to review details of the candidates time overseas, track requests for further information, and enter an outcome.

If the outcome is Failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.

National Insurance Number Check

This check is displayed if a candidate indicates they do not have a national insurance number. The National Insurance Number Check button allows you to track requests for further information and record the outcome of this check.

If the outcome is Failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.

Self employment

The Self Employment form allows you to review details, record dates when further information was requested, and enter the outcome.

National Security Vetting (NSV)

The NSV form allows you to track dates and progress of National Security Vetting.

If the outcome is check failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.


The Bankruptcy form allows you to review details and enter the outcome.

If the outcome is check failed, the candidate will be automatically rejected.

Health Referral

The Health Referral form will only appear if you need to refer the candidate to a health check provider. You can track the referral process on the form.

If your organisation uses a different health check form for candidates, you can choose to use the recruiter form only. This can be set on the vacancy.


The Pensions form is not a check, but allows you to establish which pension scheme the candidate should have.

When details have been updated by a recruiter, the form is marked as Passed.

Civil Service Employee Transfer Process - Security check review

After accepting a provisional offer, Other Government Department (OGD) candidates will move to the Security Checks Decision Req

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