Guidance: Managing candidate reserve lists (vX)

Civil Service Resourcing

May 31
09:53 2022

A candidate can be placed on a reserve list for up to 12 months. With approval, this can be extended to a maximum total of 24 months, from the date when they were first put on the list.

Appointing candidates from a reserve list

  1. Find the vacancy.
  2. Select Applications tab.
  3. Select the link for Reserve List status.
  4. To sort candidates by order of merit, select Customise layout dropdown, then Quick Review - Interview 1 Feedback.
  5. Select candidate(s) to appoint from the reserve list, then select Status.
  6. From the dropdown, select Progress Application then Confirm.
  7. A Provisional Offer email opens.
  8. Select Send Correspondence to send to the candidate.

Candidate status changes to Provisional Offer - Online.

Checking reserve list expiry

There is a Reserve List - expiry dates option in the candidates application summary so vacancy holders and recruiters can review dates. This information can also be added to a layout when listing multiple applications.

Rejecting candidates on an expired reserve list

When a reserve list expires, candidates on that list will automatically be removed and sent an email.

Candidate status changes to Reject - Reserve list expired.

Manually rejecting candidates

If for any reason you must manually reject candidates, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Search for applications at Reserve List status.
  2. Filter to only display applications whose reserve status has expired.
  3. Choose Selected dropdown, then Select All (or select relevant application only).
  4. Select Status dropdown, then Reject Application.
  5. Confirm.
  6. A rejection email opens.
  7. Preview and select Send Correspondence to send this to candidates.

Extend reserve list duration

The standard maximum is 12 months without approval. To extend to a total of up to 24 months, you must have approval from the Civil Service Commission.

  1. Find the vacancy
  2. Select Vacancy Details tab.
  3. Select Edit and amend the Length of reserve list.
  4. Save.

The reserve list expiry date will be updated for candidates already on the list and also apply to those added in the future.

Help and support

Contact the Product and Support Team if you have a technical problem:

Published 31 July 2019
Last updated 31 May 2022 +show all updates
  1. Information added about extending reserve lists beyond 12 months.

  2. Updated details for automatic expiry of lists.

  3. First published.

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