Guidance: Archiving completed vacancies (vX)

Civil Service Resourcing

February 28
17:15 2024

Once you have finished all onboarding actions, reserve lists are complete, and all applications are at a terminal status, the interview schedules for the vacancy should be deleted and the vacancy can be archived.

This will remove the vacancy from view but all application data will be retained.

Checking all vacancy actions are completed

A vacancy must not be archived until:

  • the vacancy closing date is in the past - to ensure that candidates can no longer apply
  • and any reserve lists have expired
  • and all the applications are at a terminal status

There are two stages to complete:

  1. deleting the interview schedule
  2. archiving the vacancy

Deleting the interview schedule

Deleting a schedule will not delete any data about candidate scores and outcomes. These will be retained in the application record.

Before deleting a schedule, make sure that there are no candidates still going through the recruitment process for that vacancy.

  1. In the vacancy, go to the Interviews tab and select the schedule you want to change
  2. In the Schedule tab, select all the slots, including any empty slots
  3. Select Delete Slots
  4. All slots should now be deleted and you can select Delete Schedule from the top menu
  5. You will see a confirmation that the schedule has been deleted.

Archiving the vacancy

Ensure all outstanding actions are completed on the vacancy.

  1. Go to the vacancy
  2. Select the Summary tab.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Select the Is Archived box, then Save.
  5. The vacancy will now be archived.

Once archived, vacancies will not appear in search results, however applications and scores will be kept until their deletion date.

Searching for vacancies or applications while including archived data may be slower, so you can hide archived data for standard searches. You can toggle between including or excluding archived data:

  1. Select your username at the top left of the screen.
  2. Select Show archived data or Hide archived data from the drop down options.

Help and support

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Published 28 February 2024

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