Guidance: Electronic form AR27

Certification Officer

January 15
15:29 2020


Please note that the form AR27 has recently been redesigned and the main changes are as follows:

Electronic form (e-form)

The changes made to the electronic form are intended to reduce costs associated with printing and storage, and eliminate costs associated with distributing pre-printed forms. You will be able to complete the new e-form more easily, accurately and efficiently as it has been formatted to calculate information for you.

Acceptance of electronic signatures

You can now use electronic signatures in the form. When signing the document electronically, use insert tool to insert your electronic signature.

How to submit your AR27 form

You must submit your return by email to:

If your union is based in Scotland submit your return to:

Published 30 October 2014
Last updated 15 January 2020 +show all updates
  1. The form AR27 has recently been redesigned (e-form). Older versions will not be accepted.
  2. We have updated the AR27 form. Please ensure that you use this version when reporting to the Certification Office
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