Guidance: Get specification tests for sheep and goat ear tags

British Cattle Movement Service

November 20
00:00 2023

Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) are the standards for how official ear tags for sheep and goats should perform and be tested.

If the Livestock Unique Identification Service (LUIS) support team is satisfied with the results of your welfare assessment, theyll write to tell you that you can send your ear tags for PAS tests.

Do not send your ear tags for PAS testing until the LUIS support team tells you to. Otherwise you may have to pay extra costs.

What you need to do

Youll need to ask an ISO17025 accredited laboratory to test your ear tags and applicators to meet PAS 66:2019 for sheep and goats. You must pay for any costs associated with these tests.

In addition to PAS, the laboratory will check that electronic identification (EID) tags meet the sheep and goat EID technical standards.

You can find a laboratory on the UK Accreditation Service.

Once the PAS and EID technical standards testing is complete, send a copy of the laboratory report to the LUIS support team.

LUIS Section
Rural Payments Agency
Curwen Road
CA14 2DD

Telephone: 0345 050 9876
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The laboratory report must contain the signature of the tester.

Your tags will not be approved until you:

  • confirm in writing that you have read and will meet the sheep and goat ear tag manufacturers and suppliers code of practice
  • submit a sample of the plastic tag, containing the words PAS 66
  • make any changes (if required by the LUIS support team) to your proposed marketing materials
  • are given access to LUIS - this is the computer system which allocates the unique identification codes

What happens next

The LUIS support team will write to you when your tags are either:

  • approved (usually within one month of receiving the laboratory report)
  • not approved (within 10 working days of receiving the laboratory report)

If your ear tags are approved

Youll receive the access codes youll need to input tag orders onto LUIS. Your ear tags will be added to the approved ear tag manufacturers and suppliers list.

If your ear tags are not approved

The LUIS support team will tell you why your tags have not been approved, and will request any further information or testing that you may need to do. You can submit an appeal against non-approved tags within one month.

Using tags already marketed in the EU

Sheep and goat ear tags already approved for official use in the EU, may get approved if you can demonstrate that the ear tag meets equivalent UK standards. You must provide evidence that the ear tags have been tested to the equivalent of PAS 66:2019.

Published 20 November 2023

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