Guidance: Get and use barcode labels for your holding

British Cattle Movement Service

June 28
16:08 2023

Youre sent barcode labels when you register as a cattle keeper with BCMS. Theyre also called holding address labels.

They allow BCMS to identify your county parish holding (CPH) number and include your name and address.

Where to use barcode labels

Stick a label in the to be completed by keeper on receipt of passport section when:

  • you receive a cattle passport
  • cattle move onto your holding

Stick a barcode label in the death details section and return the passport to BCMS when you:

If you have older chequebook-style passports

You will need to stick a barcode label in movement cards.

Get more barcode labels

You can only request more barcode labels if youve registered as a cattle keeper with BCMS.

Contact BCMS to get more barcode labels for free. Youll need to give your CPH number.

British Cattle Movement Service
Telephone (England): 0345 050 1234
Telephone (Wales): 0345 050 3456
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

If you prefer, you can send BCMS a message in your Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Online account.

What else you must do

There are other rules and actions you must take if you keep cattle, bison or buffalo. Read the guidance on what you must do when moving cattle and the other cattle keeping rules.

Published 6 May 2014
Last updated 28 June 2023 +show all updates
  1. Added translation

  2. Clarified where to use barcode labels and what theyre used for. Added where to get more information on the rules and actions you must take if you keep cattle, bison or buffalo.

  3. This guidance has been updated to show it no longer applies to Scotland.

  4. Updated option for requesting barcodes using the automated service

  5. First published.

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