Form: Application form for a new or modified ear tag

British Cattle Movement Service

March 7
00:15 2022


Download and fill in one form for each new tag or each tag you want to modify.

Send the application form(s) along with the items listed below to:

LUIS Section

LUIS Section
Rural Payments Agency
Curwen Road
CA14 2DD


Telephone 0345 050 9876

You must send the following with your application form:

  • at least 6 samples of each tag, printed with the Crown logo and a number in the correct format (such as UK 654321 123456)
  • an ear tag applicator, for fitting the tags
  • instructions for fitting the tags, including images showing how the tag will be put in the animals ear
  • technical drawings of the ear tag (including measurements)
  • your proposed quality control procedures
  • your proposed marketing literature including the name and type of tag
  • certificate(s) showing each tag conforms to EID technical standards (EID tags only)
  • an original version of the current tag if youre applying to modify one
Published 3 August 2021
Last updated 7 March 2022 +show all updates
  1. Amended reference to LUIS from ETAS

  2. First published.

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