Open consultation: Possible changes to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) Rules and the Upper Tribunal Rules arising from Nationality and Borders Act 2022

Tribunal Procedure Committee

October 27
09:00 2022

The TPC seeks views on the following matters.

Given the significant volume of potential changes involved as a result of the NBA and the need for the TPC to consult on them, the TPC intends to proceed in two stages.

This consultation will deal with rules changes arising from accelerated detained appeals, priority removal notices and age assessment. The consultation also deals with Schedule 19 requirements relating to Tribunal reasons and credibility decisions.

The consultation also deals with a potential change to the rules in relation to expert witnesses. This is not required by provisions of the NBA.

The NPI programme, however, did consider the possibility of greater use of joint experts within the Immigration and Asylum Chamber (First-tier Tribunal) and the TPC understands from Ministry of Justice officials that further work is being considered in this area.

Responses to the consultation will be considered by the TPC.


Consultation document


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