Key stage 2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Standards and Testing Agency

May 10
11:29 2016

Last night I was made aware that Pearson, our external marking supplier, mistakenly uploaded the KS2 grammar, punctuation and spelling test onto its secure marker site. This was only accessible, via this secured site, for a short period of time before being taken down. Only contracted markers had access to the site, all of whom are under a contractual obligation not to share sensitive information.

We have no evidence to suggest that any sensitive information has been shared publicly, nor that the integrity of the test has been compromised.

I have asked Pearson for a full explanation of how this mistake occurred, before I consider what further action to take.

I want to be clear, however, that this situation does not affect the validity of the KS2 grammar, punctuation and spelling test, which teachers and schools should administer as planned.

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