Corporate report: SIA Board meeting, 2 November 2023

Security Industry Authority

March 25
16:06 2024

Meeting attendees

Non-executive directors:

  • Heather Baily Chair
  • Caroline Corby
  • Zo Billingham
  • Trevor Reaney

Executive directors:

  • Michelle Russell Chief Executive
  • Paul Fullwood Director of Inspections and Enforcement
  • Stephen McCormick Director of Licensing and Standards
  • Natalie Benton Director of Corporate Services
  • Dianne Tranmer Director of Transformation

Also in attendance:

  • Fiona Wilson Head of Strategy and Governance
  • Nick Hill Governance Manager (Secretariat)
  • Kevin Barretto Head of Finance and Procurement
  • Lawrence Ralph Senior Manager Strategy and Scheme Design (agenda item 4)
  • Tony Holyland Head of Individual Standards (agenda item 5)
  • Alero Harrison Head of Communications (agenda items 5, 6, 7 and 8)
  • Iestyn David Head of Licensing and Service Delivery (agenda items 6 and 7)
  • Liz Wynds Principal Legal Advisor (agenda item 6)
  • Motunrayo Sholola Strategy and Planning Manager (agenda item 10)
  • Sophie Hillsdon Transformation Lead (agenda item 11)
  • Andrea Noble Digital Transformation Lead (agenda item 11)
  • Yathu Mithiran Data Analyst (staff observer)

External observers:

  • Mary Halle Head of Sponsorship Unit, Home Office
  • Caroline Rowe Policy lead for the Public Protection Unit, Home Office
Published 25 March 2024

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