Independent report: Highly pathogenic avian influenza in Great Britain: evaluation and future actions

Science Advisory Council

March 30
08:30 2023


In December 2022 an independent Scientific Advisory Group in highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAIG) - working within Defras Science Advisory Councils Exotic and Emerging Animal Diseases (SAC-ED) subgroup - was tasked with assessing the current HPAI epidemic in Great Britain.

This report documents the HPAIGs findings and examines the challenging situation in terms of HPAIs impact on both wild birds and domesticated poultry and gamebirds. The report covers the period October 2021 to February 2023.

The HPAIG was commissioned by Defras Chief Scientific Adviser in consultation with the Chief Veterinary Officer and consisted of independent experts covering expertise in veterinary science, epidemiology and modelling, ecology, virology, ornithology, immunology and social science.

Published 30 March 2023

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