Research: Electronic Communications (Security Measures) Regulations: RPC Opinion (Green-rated)

Regulatory Policy Committee

April 21
23:00 2024

The proposal aims to establish a robust security framework for 5G and full fibre networks. The regulations set out the priority security requirements for providers of public telecommunications networks and services (PECN and PECS), and the actions that must be taken to achieve them.

The IA presents a good argument for intervention but should discuss all options that have been considered to date in more detail. The SaMBA includes details of the small and micro businesses (SMBs) likely to be affected, as well as addressing exemption and mitigation, but it should include more discussion of the additional impacts if option 2 were implemented. The Department has used the consultation and on-going stakeholder engagement to strengthen the evidence underpinning the analysis.

Published 22 April 2024

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