Media correction: Fatal accident at James Street station

Rail Accident Investigation Branch

February 1
00:00 2017

RAIL - 460m deal approved for 52 new Merseyrail trains, 4 January 2017.


RAIL issue 817 contained an article on the procurement of new trains by Merseyrail.

The article

The article reported that Rail Accident Investigation Branch recommended driver controlledoperation on the Merseyrail network, following an investigation into a fatal accident at James Street,Liverpool.

Action taken

RAIB wrote a letter to the editor, for publication.


RAIL published our letter in issue 819. A copy of the letter is reproduced below.

I am encouraged to learn that our recommendations were taken into account in the procurement ofMerseyrail trains, and planned modifications to platforms. However, your article (460m dealapproved for 52 new Merseyrail trains, issue 817) incorrectly states that the Rail AccidentInvestigation Branch recommended driver controlled operation on the Merseyrail network,following an investigation into a fatal accident at James Street, Liverpool.

Our report recommended that Merseyrail should evaluate equipment and operational arrangementsthat allow the person responsible for train dispatch to observe the platform and train withoutinterruption for as long as possible, ideally until the train has left the platform; and to allow them tostop the train directly and quickly in an emergency.

It would be wrong to conclude that DCO is the only way in which the intent of the recommendationcould be met.

Simon French, Chief Inspector of Rail Accidents

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