Guidance: Water resources planning guideline

Natural Resources Wales

April 4
10:09 2022


If you are a water company in England or Wales, you must prepare and maintain a water resources management plan (WRMP). Your WRMP sets out how you intend to achieve a secure supply of water for your customers and a protected and enhanced environment.

The duty to prepare and maintain a WRMP is set out in sections 37A to 37D of the Water Industry Act 1991 . You must prepare a plan at least every 5 years and review it annually.

Published 24 February 2021
Last updated 4 April 2022 +show all updates
  1. Updates made to all sections to provide clarification and reflect changes in legislation.

  2. Added in section 1.7, Further guidance: email address to request copies of the supplementary guidance.

  3. Provided the updated link to 'UKWIR (2021) Environmental assessments for water resources planning'. Previously 'UKWIR (2012) Strategic environmental assessment and habitats regulations assessment guidance for water resources management plans and drought plans'.

  4. First published.

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