Guidance: New nuclear power plants: Generic Design Assessment guidance for Requesting Parties

Natural Resources Wales

October 19
13:45 2023


This guidance is for anyone submitting a nuclear power plant design for GDA a Requesting Party (RP). A RP can be a reactor designer or vendor company on its own, or one partnered with a prospective operator of its nuclear power plant design.

This document explains:

  • how the GDA process works
  • what information the RP needs to provide when requesting a GDA
  • the possible outcomes from a GDA
Published 29 October 2019
Last updated 19 October 2023 +show all updates
  1. Minor update to the guidance. Added points on the considerations for sustainability and disposability of waste. Clarified where the regulators are flexible, and the role of Natural Resources Wales where they are involved. Other minor clarifications based on feedback.

  2. First published.

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