Clinical commissioning group improvement and assessment framework 2016/17 now on My NHS

National Information Board

July 22
13:43 2016

My NHS enables users easily to see how their local health and care services compares to similar services round the country. The website brings together information on a variety of different measures across the health and care system to show, at a glance, how local services are performing. It first launched as a test site at the end of 2014 and feedback from user testing has shaped the look and feel of the site which went fully live in July.

The clinical commissioning groups improvement and assessment framework 2016/17 (CCG IAF) metrics are now on the site adding a whole new commissioning dimension to the wealth of information it already carries on providers. Users can now see how well their local commissioner is performing in 29 areas including cancer, urgent and emergency care, mental health, childhood obesity, and personalisation and choice of care.

Improved search and filtering

The CCG IAF content is the first new scorecard to benefit from improved search and filtering functionality, which is also being applied progressively to existing metrics on the site, starting with all its hospital data, making it easier for users to find what they want, whether they are a member of the public or a healthcare professional.

Intelligent transparency

The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, believes that intelligent transparency can be the trigger for the behaviour change needed to improve outcomes for patients, service users, the public, and the health and care system itself, as well as supporting public accountability.

Speaking in July 2015 at the Kings Fund, he described not top-down targets but transparency and peer review; learning and self-directed improvement that tap into the basic desire of every doctor, nurse and manager to do a better job for their patients; empowered leaders with the permission and the space to excel.

My NHS is the tool created as part of realising that vision.

The majority of 2016/17 CCG improvement and assessment 60 indicators will be reported quarterly, with the next indicator ratings due to be available on My NHS in September 2016.


My NHS includes a feedback button for users to say what they do and dont like about it. Users can also mail feedback to

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