Guidance: Joint Doctrine Publication 1-10 (4th Edition), Captured Persons has been published

Ministry Of Defence

September 14
15:05 2020


Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 1-10 (4th Edition), Captured Persons (CPERS), is the capstone doctrine publication for CPERS activities.

As it is based on the relevant provisions of international and domestic law, it is more prescriptive than most core joint doctrine. This JDP 1-10 contains enduring principles and best practice, setting out guidance for the strategic level together with the fundamental rules and principles that apply at the operational and tactical level.

Importantly, it also reflects the UK governments policy and guidance resulting from recent operations. It incorporates changes following the 17 December 2014 recommendations of the Al Sweady inquiry and the 17 January 2017 Supreme Court judgements in the cases of Serdar Mohammed, Yunus Rahmatullah and Abd Ali Hameed Al-Waheed.

This edition of JDP 1-10 introduces some important new procedures to ensure the fair treatment of CPERS, particularly in relation to the review of detention. Those procedures have been developed in light of the cases mentioned above, and, in particular, the principles set out by Lord Sumption in Serdar Mohammed.

JDP 1-10 gives detailed direction and guidance to members of the UK Armed Forces, who are involved in planning, training for or conducting CPERS activities.

Published 1 October 2011
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