Corporate report: Directorate of Defence Safety (DDS)

Ministry Of Defence

February 27
15:31 2024

Please note Defence Safety was formally known as Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP). Some documents may still refer to HS&EP as they are being updated.

The Ministry of Defence is acutely aware of the duty of care it owes to its people, the public and the environment and therefore takes its safety obligations extremely seriously.

The Safety function owner is the Chief Operating Officer who has delegated authority to lead the function to the Director of Safety. The Director of Safety has made it her personal mission to build a strong culture of safety, where there is genuine care for all those who deliver defence activities and those who may be affected by defence activities, where there is open and honest reporting and where everyone feels able to speak up.

Safety policy documents

Knowledge in Defence (KiD)

Published 31 July 2020
Last updated 27 February 2024 +show all updates
  1. Updated 'Safety & Environment Profession Our offer'.

  2. Updated page information to reflect change from Health Safety & Environment Protection (HS&EP) to Directorate of Defence Safety (DDS).

  3. Updated 'MOD Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP) - Our Offer' with the latest version.

  4. Added: 'MOD Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP) - Our Offer'.

  5. Added: Safety leadership guide: how listening and learning are our best defence.

  6. Added a 'Related information' section.

  7. Updated: MOD Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP) Functional Strategy and Infographic.

  8. Addition of: HS&EP Operating Model.

  9. Addition of 'Vision for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in Defence'.

  10. Added JSP 392 and 418 as reference links on the collection page.

  11. Added a link to JSP 375: Management of health and safety in defence.

  12. First published.

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