UK fishing vessel licensing in external waters 2024

Marine Management Organisation

December 8
00:00 2023

European Union (EU) Waters

Existing holders of a UK external waters licence for EU waters will receive a licence for 2024 automatically. The UKSIA will issue the licence by email to the fishing vessel licence nominee by the end of the year. The list of vessels with external waters licences can be checked on the UKSIA website here United Kingdom Single Issuing Authority (UKSIA) - GOV.UK ( and we advise that you check this list to confirm your vessel is appropriately licensed before undertaking any fishing activity outside of UK waters.

If you do not have a licence and intend to fish in EU waters you must apply using the application form here.

You can apply at any time but you must not fish in EU waters until you are in receipt of a valid external waters licence issued by the UKSIA and your vessel appears in the list of authorised vessels United Kingdom Single Issuing Authority (UKSIA) - GOV.UK (

Third Country and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs)

Access to third country waters including Norway and Faroes, and international waters managed by RFMOs are subject to negotiations and annual consultations. These are ongoing and the UKSIA will issue further updates about how you can apply for a licence to access these waters once the discussions have concluded.

If your contact or vessel details have changed, you must notify your vessels licensing administration office.

Contact the UKSIA

We will be issuing further updates over the coming weeks but if you have any queries please check the UKSIA website for announcements and further details, or contact the UKSIA at

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