Guidance: Southern North Sea and English Channel Skates and Rays Fisheries Management Plan

Marine Management Organisation

November 21
11:48 2023

This FMP is one of 43 FMPs to be developed under the Joint Fisheries Statement to support a sustainable and profitable fishing industry. The Southern North Sea and English Channel Skates and Rays FMP is among the Tranche Three of the FMPs being developed, with an aim to publish the plan at the end of 2024.

MMO is currently working with stakeholders in commercial and recreational fishing, environmental organisations and other key marine bodies to understand their views, particularly on which species should be a priority, potential management changes and sustainability.

Development of a plan specifically for Skates and Rays in the southern North Sea and English Channel was highlighted by the fishing industry and other key marine stakeholders as a necessary move..

If you are interested in the SNS and Channel Skates and Rays FMP and want to be included in our stakeholder communications please send your details in confidence and a summary of your particular interest to

Published 21 November 2023

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