Fishing activity in the Baie de Seine

Marine Management Organisation

October 15
16:20 2015

The scallop fishery for the area is the subject of an agreement between the United Kingdom and France. The MMO has received correspondence from the UK fishing industry concerning the current restriction on UK vessels in excess of 15 metres fishing for scallops in this area which is in place until 1 November 2015.

The MMO is working with colleagues in Defra and the relevant fisheries administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to establish a consensus as to whether the UK wishes to vary this restriction and will provide an update in due course. In the meantime, the prohibition on vessels in excess of 15 metres fishing for scallops in the Baie de Seine agreement area is a UK fishing licence condition and remains in place. The MMO would point out that any vessel subject to the condition which goes into the area to fish for scallops may be in breach of its licence and may be subject of investigation and possible enforcement action.

If you are affected by the closure and wish the MMO to consider your views, we would encourage you to contact the MMO at

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