Changing the approach to IVMS implementation

Marine Management Organisation

June 17
13:28 2019

Crucially for fishers, this means that there is now a pause to the planned roll-out of the new system over the summer.

Michael Coyle, head of compliance and control for the MMO, said: We are working on a solution to ensure that IVMS is introduced to the under 12 metre fishing fleet in the most practical way using the most appropriate technology.

The policy has not changed but the timetable for introduction will change. Following the consultation, we are reviewing our approach. We continue to work through practical issues and we will set a fresh timetable for the project later this year.

The principle behind the introduction of IVMS remains the same; working with Defra, the MMO is committed to providing a more accurate picture of fishing location and activity, which will inform sustainable fisheries and support the viability of the fishing business in the future.

The pause will not affect the project overall as implementation of IVMS nationally was not expected before 2021. Vessel owners and sk

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