Guidance: Requests to amend a patent after grant

Intellectual Property Office

November 29
08:13 2023

In the table below we provide you with information about applications we have received to amend the specification of a patent under sections 27 and 75 before the court and the Office. The table also includes information about when you need to file an opposition if you wish to oppose the application to amend.

Where amendments have been filed electronically, you can obtain full details by selecting the patent number. If you are the patent owner(s), you should check these details carefully and inform us if there are any problems. Where amendments have been filed in paper form only, the symbol * appears in the table after the patent number.

In the case of amendments filed under section 75 before the court and under section 27 at the Office, reasons for the amendments are also provided.

You can obtain reasons for the amendments and full details of any amendments filed in paper form by contacting Litigation Section (telephone: +44 (0)1633 814334).

Opposition procedures

Section 75 before the court

If you want to oppose an amendment filed under section 75 before the court, you need to file a notice of opposition at the court. In the notice you need to set out clearly your reasons for opposing the amendment. You need to send us a copy of the notice and send a copy to anyone involved in the court proceedings. You need to do this within 14 days of the advertisement on our web site of the application to amend.

Section 75 before the comptroller and section 27 amendments

If you want to oppose an amendment filed under section 75 before the comptroller or an amendment filed under section 27, you need to complete and send us:

  • 2 copies of form 15 with the fee of 50. You will need to pay a further fee of 350 later
  • 2 copies of a statement setting out fully the facts of your case and what you want us to do

Opposition table 2023

Section Patents Journal Deadline for filing opposition Patent number and title International Classification Proprietor, including court action number (if any) and address for service
75 Before the Court 7019

29 November 2023
14 days GB2483999 (PDF, 262 KB, 2 pages) A Levelling Device B66F Milenco Limited


Stevens Hewlett and Perkins,
First Floor,
St Bartholomews House,
Lewis Mead,
75 Before the Court 7019

29 November 2023
14 days GB2494543 (PDF, 57.7 KB, 1 page) Improved Roofing Fabric B32B Don & Low Limited


Shakespeare Martineau LLP,
No 1 Colmore Square,
B4 6AA
75 Before the Court 7017

15 November 2023
14 days EP3718565 (PDF, 264 KB, 4 pages) A61K Modernatx, Inc.


Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP,
100 Bishopsgate
75 Before the Court 7017

15 November 2023
14 days EP1845961 (PDF, 280 KB, 1 page) A61K Bayer Intellectual Property GMBH.


Allen & Overy LLP
One Bishop Square
London, E1 6AD
75 Before the Court 7005

23 August 2023
14 days GB2569212 (PDF, 100 KB, 2 pages)

An Ostomy Appliance
A61F Salts Healthcare Limited


Shakespeare Martineau LLP
No 1 Colmore Square
B4 6AA
27 7004

16 August 2023
4 weeks GB2584615 (PDF, 122 KB, 4 pages) Electroactive materials for metal-ion batteries H01M Nexeon limited
75 Before the Court 7003

9 August 2023
14 days GB2473376 (PDF, 489 KB, 1 page)

Signal detection and blocking for voice processing equipment
H04M Sycurio Limited


Michelmores LLP
100 Liverpool Street
75 Before the Court 7002

2 August 2023
14 days EP1623511 - Amended Annexes 1 and 2 (PDF, 1 MB, 8 pages)

Communication system
H04B Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

Bristows LLP
100 Victoria Embankment
27 7002

2 August 2023
4 weeks GB2597010 (PDF, 119 KB, 3 pages) Mooring assembly B63B Pivotree PTY Ltd
27 7002

2 August 2023
4 weeks EP1790053 (PDF, 101 KB, 12 pages<

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