Guidance: Requests for opinions: 2024

Intellectual Property Office

June 20
12:06 2024


The table below shows information about opinion requests we have received in 2024 and what stage each request has reached.

For example, you can see whether:

  • you can file observations on a request or whether the period for doing so has expired
  • we have issued an opinion
  • the person who filed the request has withdrawn it
  • we have refused a request for an opinion. Where weve issued a decision refusing the request, you can view this in our decisions database

Further information

If you would like more information about a particular request please contact us by:

2024 requests

Opinion number Patent/SPC number, title and owner Requester and request date Issue (Infringement and/or Validity) Observations deadline Outcome
11/24 GB2613005

Carier for skis

Michael Antoniou
Michael Antoniou

18 July 2024
Invalidity 18 July 2024
10/24 EP2563869

UV-curable acrylate based ink, a process and an ink base for its production

Appleyard Lees IP LLP

7 June 2024
Validity 9 July 2024
09/24 GB2491085

Transportable system for generating and injecting oxygen in situ for cages in the sea

Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.

23 May 2024
Infringement 26 June 2024
08/24 EP2300673

Lock mechanism

Avocet Hardware (UK) Limited
Archibald Kenrick & Sons Limited

22 May 2024
Infringement 25 June 2024
07/24 EP2782559

Pharmaceutical composition comprising myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol

Lo. Li. Pharma S.R.L.,
Amina Hersi

2 April 2024
Infringement and Validity 21 May 2024
06/24 GB2529923

Pedal Cycle Drivetrain Component

Frogbikes Limited
Marks & Clerk LLP

16 February 2024
Validity 4 April 2024 Issued 16 May 2024

Opinion 06/24 (PDF, 634 KB, 14 pages)
05/24 EP2756136

Baby Bath - support device

International Refills Company Ltd
Talbotss Family Products UK LLP

13 February 2024
Infringement 18 March 2024 Issued 7 May 2024

Opinion 05/24 (PDF, 489 KB, 10 pages)
04/24 EP3697392

Tablets comprising Tamsulosin and Solifenacin

Synthon B.V.
Brand Murray Fuller LLP

29 January 2024
Validity 29 February 2024
03/24 GB2591134

Door seal

Linear Building Innovations Limited
The Access Panel Company Ltd

18 January 2024
Validity 19 February 2024
02/24 EP2508122

Advanced Surgical Instrument Such as a Speculum

Bridea, IP Limited
Thomas Gaunt Lewis Silkin LLP

12 January 2024
Infringement 14 February 2024 Issued 03 April 2024

Opinion number 02/24 (PDF, 438 KB, 11 pages)
01/24 GB2578339

Open Pen Detection and Shut Down System

Greentec International Limited
Jonathan Hewett c/o Lewis Silkin LLP

19 December 2023
Validity 30 January 2024 Issued 18 March 2024

Opinion number 01/24 (PDF, 230 KB, 10 pages)
Published 3 January 2024
Last updated 20 June 2024 +show all updates
  1. New opinion 11/24 added.

  2. New opinion 10/24 added.

  3. New opinions 08/24 and 09/24 added.

  4. Final opinion 06/24 added.

  5. Final opinion 05/24 added

  6. New opinion 07/24 added.

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