Protecting your UK intellectual property abroad

To protect your intellectual property outside of the UK, you usually need to apply in each country you want protection in.



Intellectual property (IP) rights are territorial. They only give protection in the countries where they are granted or registered.

IP BASICS: Should I protect my Intellectual Property overseas?

If you only have UK protection, others may be allowed to use your IP abroad without infringing your rights.

The above guides contain information on European Union Trade Mark, Patent Cooperation Treaty, European patent application, Registered Community Design.

If you are thinking about trading abroad then you should consider registering your IP rights abroad.

Some countries may allow you to extend your United Kingdom (UK) protection, and accept it as protected in that country after completing certain local formalities.

The World Intellectual Property Office provides a list of all national IP offices.

Published 19 May 2014
Last updated 26 June 2020 +show all updates
  1. Edited Protecting your trade mark abroad guidance, Section 3.4 - Professional Representation before the EUIPO and Protecting your design abroad guidance, Section 2.4 - Professional Representation before the EUIPO.

  2. The London office address has moved.

  3. International design protection updated.

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