Enhancements to the patent information and document service

Intellectual Property Office

March 2
09:45 2015

In response to feedback from our customers, weve introduced improvements to our on-line patent information and document service, Ipsum. These are designed to make it easier for customers to file observations on the patentability of published patent applications. We are also providing additional information on patent compliance dates and licences of rights which have been recorded on granted patents.

Observations about patentability

Customers who wish to make observations about the patentability of a published patent application will now be given the opportunity to do this directly from the patent case details screen on the Ipsum service.

If a patent application has been published but not granted, the Make s21 observations link will allow customers to file their observations via a dedicated email address. The email automatically includes details of the patent application number and the name of the first applicant recorded on the patent application, making easier for customers who will then only have to provide the relevant information to support their observations.

Further information on making observations about patentability is available.

Information on the compliance date

The case details information will now display the date by which a patent application must comply with all the legal requirements or else be treated as refused.

This date is referred to as the compliance date and Ipsum will display this information on the case details of all published patent applications which have not yet been granted. Ipsum will also provide details on cases where the original compliance date has been extended.

This will help make it clear for patent applicants and interested parties the deadline by which a patent application must be ready for grant of a patent.

Information on a licence of right date on granted patents

The case details on Ipsum will also display information showing the date on which a licence of right has been recorded on the patents register. This is an entry which indicates that the patent owner is willing to allow anyone the right to a licence under that patent.

Displaying this information will allow interested parties to clearly see that a licence of right is available, making it easier for them to contact the patent owner and negotiate a licence.

Further details on licensing and licences of right is available.

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