Over 320 foreign criminals and immigration offenders returned

Home Office

March 8
10:59 2023

The people who were returned to their home countries included over 200 foreign national offenders, over 30 asylum offenders and over 85 non-asylum offenders, with more than 15 known to have arrived in the UK via small boats.

The foreign national offenders removed were convicted of crimes including rape and the supply of drugs. They had a total combined sentence of more than 145 years.

There were 4 charter returns flights to Albania in February, with 220 other people returned to their home countries via scheduled flights. This follows the Prime Ministers announcement of weekly returns flights to Albania following the agreement he signed with his Albanian counterpart in December, which came into force at the end of January.

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman said:

We are absolutely delivering on our commitment to return people who come here illegally or remain here without the right to do so.

Since the Prime Ministers pledge in December, we have seen a marked increase in returns as part of the governments work to keep the public safe and tackle illegal migration.

Thats why we have announced new legislation which means people who arrive in the UK illegally will be immediately detained and swiftly removed to their home country or another safe country.

In total, more than 690 people have been removed on 8 charters and multiple scheduled flights since 1 January 2023.

This includes over 450 foreign national offenders who were convicted of serious crimes including rape, supply of drugs, kidnap and possession of firearms.

The Home Office has arrested 365 people since the Nationality and Borders Act became law in June. A total of 245 people have been charged, and 155 have received convictions amounting to total combined sentences of over 105 years. Of the total arrests, 87 have been for piloting small boats.

Figures for recent returns totals are sourced from provisional operational data. Comprehensive statistics on returns are published in the Home Office quarterly immigration statistics and migration transparency data, and the latest available data was publi

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