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January 22
07:00 2021

Public sector finances tables: December 2020


The public sector finances statistical bulletin is published jointly by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and HM Treasury on a monthly basis and provides the latest available estimates for key public sector finance statistics, such as public sector net borrowing, public sector net debt and public sector current budget deficit/surplus.

The bulletin is structured with the latest headline figures, revisions and information on recent events and/or methodological changes which impact on the statistics, located at the front of the bulletin.

Following this there is some contextual information for users and then more detailed information on each of the key aggregates. Historic data on public sector net debt and public sector net borrowing have been included to put the latest figures in context. More detailed notes on the publication are located towards the end of the bulletin.

HM Treasury is no longer producing the public sector finances databank. For information on the key fiscal aggregates:

Go to the OBR for outturn and projected numbers for the key fiscal aggregates in financial years.

Go to the ONS for outturn data of the key fiscal aggregates in quarters, financial years and on a monthly basis.

Go to the ONS for a breakdown on receipts and expenditure.

Published 20 June 2013
Last updated 22 January 2021 +show all updates
  1. Public sector finances: December 2020 and Public sector finances tables: December 2020 files added.

  2. Note: Public sector finances: November 2020 pdf and Public sector finances tables: November 2020 excel spreadsheet uploaded.

  3. Added September Public sector finances bulletin and tables.

  4. Updated with 'Public sector finances: August 2020'

  5. Updated with Public sector finances bulletin: July 2020.

  6. Updated with 'Public sector finances: June 2020'

  7. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances May 2020' release.

  8. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances April 2020' release.

  9. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances March 2020' release.

  10. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances February 2020'.

  11. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances January 2019'.

  12. Updated with 'Public Sector Finances December 2019'.

  13. Updated with November's bulletin.

  14. Updated with data for October 2019. Correction note removed as it is no longer applicable.

  15. Updated with corrected September 2019 Public Sector Finances release.

  16. Updated with ONS announcement regarding the September 2019 Public Sector Finances release.

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