Guidance: Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK?

Hm Treasury

June 25
13:29 2024

The structure of the consolidated list will be changing in February 2022, following changes to the UK Sanctions List. To find out more, please read UK sanctions list: change in format.

The Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) publishes a list of all those subject to financial sanctions imposed by the UK which it keeps updated.

The details of those subject to sanctions are also categorised and available in specific regime lists.

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Searching the list

You can search for financial sanctions targets who are subject to an asset freeze or financial restrictions under the Russia regulations by using the OFSI Consolidated List Search. Enter the details that you want to find results for into the search box. This could be any of the details listed below under Using the list. You can also specify in your search:

  • which regime the designated person is listed under,
  • if they are an individual or an entity, and;
  • whether they are subject to an asset freeze or specific capital market restrictions.

To adjust the type of results you see, you can also:

  • group your results by group ID this means that you can view all aliases and related entries in one place, and;
  • turn on fuzzy search and increase the fuzzy distance this will find accurate results relating to your search and increase the chances of finding the correct match, even where your search term is misspelt or missing information.

The information on the search database is updated alongside the Consolidated List. Use of the search function does not remove your obligation to undertake appropriate due diligence in respect of financial sanctions targets.

Downloading the list

A full list of designated persons/entities is available in various formats in the links above. This includes a format that allows you to download the information on to your own system.

Using the list

The list provides information to help you decide whether you are dealing with someone who is subject to sanctions. It lists:

  • full name
  • any known aliases
  • honorary, professional or religious titles
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • nationality
  • passport details
  • national identification numbers (e.g. ID cards, Social Security Numbers, etc.)
  • address
  • any additional information that may be useful (e.g. nicknames, details of family, etc.)
  • title of the financial sanctions regime under which the designated person is listed
  • the date when the designated person was added to the list by HM Treasury
  • when the information regarding the designated person/entity was last updated by HM Treasury
  • a unique ID reference number relating to the designated person/entity
Published 19 June 2013
Last updated 25 June 2024 +show all updates
  1. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 25/06/2024 added

  2. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 14/06/2024 added.

  3. HM Treasury Notice, Myanmar, 13/06/2024 amended.HM Treasury Notice, Central African Republic, 13/06/2024 added.HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 13/06/2024 added.

  4. HM Treasury Notice, Myanmar, 07/06/2024 added

  5. HM Treasury Notice, Myanmar, 07/06/2024 amended

  6. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 31/05/2024 added.

  7. HM Treasury Notice, Somalia, 30/05/2024 and HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 30/05/2024 added.

  8. HM Treasury Notice, Somalia, 22/05/2024 added

  9. HM Treasury Notice, DPRK, 17/05/2024; HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 17/05/2024HM Treasury Notice, ISIL (Daesh) and Al-Qaida, 17/05/2024 and HM Treasury Notice, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 17/05/2024 added.Financial Sanctions Burundi regime page withdrawn.

  10. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 08/05/2024 added.

  11. HM Treasury notice, Cyber, 07/05/2024 added.

  12. HM Treasury Notice, Russia, 03/05/2024 added.

  13. HM Treasury Notice, Global Human Rights, 03/05/2024 added

  14. HM Treasury Notice, Global Anti-Corruption, 30/04/2024 added.

  15. HM Treasury Notice, ISIL (Daesh) and Al-Qaida, 29/04/2024 added.

  16. HM Treasury Notice, Iran, 25/0

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