Guidance: Find a registered building inspector in Wales

Health Safety Executive

May 9
08:16 2024

All building inspectors who do building control work in Wales must be registered with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

The register shows:

  • building inspector name
  • registration number
  • employers or business name and address
  • registration class
  • categories of buildings the inspector is registered to work on
  • start and end date of registration
  • details of any conditions of registration

Search the register

You can search by building inspector name, the building control body they are employed by, or a combination of both.


Competency assessment extension period

During the competency assessment extension period, some class 1 building inspectors can carry out work outside the scope of their class.

The register does not show if a class 1 RBI can carry out work outside of their class. To check, you can ask a class 1 RBI to provide evidence, such as confirmation from one of the BSR-approved independent assessment scheme providers that:

  • they are currently enrolled on an assessment scheme to undertake a competency assessment
  • the competency assessment covers the work you want them to do

You can read more about competency assessment, classes of building inspector and the assessment scheme providers in the registered building inspectors guidance.

How to register as a building inspector

If you want to carry out BSR-regulated activities such as assessing plans and inspecting, you mustregister as a building inspector online.

If you need help using the register

Contact BSRif you need help with the building inspector register.

Published 9 May 2024

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