Transparency data: GCA closing meeting with retailer CCOs on 22 June 2020

Groceries Code Adjudicator

June 23
08:00 2020


1. Welcome and introduction

The GCA outlined what the meeting would cover and expressed her regret that it could not be held in person.

2. Review of term of office

The GCA summarised activity and progress made over the past seven years and thanked the CCOs for all they had done to help make it happen.

3. 2020 survey results

The GCA summarised the 2020 survey results including who responded, their awareness of the Code, their experience of issues and of raising these with the GCA, and respondents overall assessment of retailers Code compliance.

4. Updates since February (individual) and April (group) CCO meetings

  • The GCA reiterated her position in relation to volume and range changes required to be made at short notice in the early stages of the Coronavirus emergency, as set out in her position statement published on 17 March and her related communications through all available channels since.
  • The GCA summarised information and discussion from the recent drop & drive workshop, including supplier suggestions for retailers.
  • The GCA updated CCOs on the levy for 2020/21, the GCA annual report and accounts and other GCA-related Parliamentary business.

5. Going forward

  • The GCA confirmed she would review the previous years Annual Compliance Reports and had arranged an online meeting with Audit Chairs in late July.
  • The GCA reiterated that she had agreed to remain in office for a few months specifically to address any issues that may arise as a result of retailers responses to the challenges of making essential groceries available to consumers in the early stages of the Coronavirus emergency and later, as changes to volume and range became more permanent. Her successor would take office as Deputy Adjudicator in that time, becoming the GCA when she leaves.
  • The GCA announced changes to her team and plans for a new team to support the new GCA.
Published 23 June 2020

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