Crime news: update on calls to criminal applications team


January 24
13:24 2018

You should now be using 0300 200 2020 for criminal application enquiries as the old 0121 232 5500 number is closing soon.

Calls to the old enquiry line have been automatically redirected to 0300 200 2020 for some months.

We gave notice that this was happening in September 2017 and now need to give notice that the redirect will end on 22 February 2018.

If you have the old number saved you should update it to 0300 200 2020 now.

We will send out regular reminders before the redirect comes to an end.

Options when you call

You will need to choose from civil, crime or technical when calling 0300 200 2020.

Crime billing

You should continue to use 0115 852 6000 for crime billing enquiries.

Further information

0300 200 2020 criminal app

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