Government Internal Audit Agency becomes provider of internal audit services to Ministry of Defence

Government Internal Audit Agency

April 3
08:37 2023

The internal audit team at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has today transferred into the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA), not only adding their great wealth of experience to the GIAA, but also enriching the insight that the Agency and its people can bring to the whole of government.

Ministry of Defence building

Ministry of Defence building

This is an important step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit across central government. Our mission is to provide objective insight so that government can achieve better outcomes and value for money for the public better insights, better outcomes.

The addition of MOD as a customer means that the GIAA now provides internal audit services to 15 of the 17 of UK central governments main departments, as well as to around 130 other government organisations. The Agencys counter fraud and investigation team provides services to more than 100 UK government customers.

The aim, over time, is for all central UK government departments to take their internal audit service from GIAA. GIAA will then become the sole provider of internal audit and counter fraud services to UK central government and one of the largest non-commercial providers of internal audit services in the UK. This will enable the GIAA to elevate its impact and fulfil its mission ever more strongly.

Since its creation in 2015, GIAA has worked tirelessly to fulfil its strategic vision, growing into a leading and respected voice in internal audit, both in the UK and internationally, not least by delivering the benefit of cross-cutting and thematic insight to its individual customers and to wider government.

By harnessing the growing benefits from its data analytics capability, its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and by enjoying an unrivalled and trusted reach across departments, GIAA can better identify the systemic risks facing wider government, identify trends in good practice and areas for improvement, and strengthen governments understanding of its risks and opportunities.

As a new customer, MOD can now benefit from this full range of GIAA services.

Elizabeth Honer, the GIAAs chief executive, said:

Today marks an important milestone in GIAAs mission to add value and insight to government which leads to better outcomes for departments and the taxpayer. I am delighted to welcome MOD on board.

Our model of a truly pan-government service aims to eliminate duplication and bring the benefits of increased investment, economies of scale and improved resilience to our customers and wider government. As our size and reach across government grows, so too does our ability to specialise and innovate, further improving the range of services and quality of the insight we offer.

The GIAAs reputation is growing too and so is the positive influence we bring in shaping the future of the profession, both nationally and internationally.

Charlie Pate, Director General Finance, Ministry of Defence, said:

MOD internal audit joining the GIAA will be hugely beneficial to the team, the Agency, and the MOD. The sharing of knowledge, experience and skills can only further enhance our well-respected internal audit function.

Over the past year I have been very impressed with how well the two teams have worked together in delivering the transfer and I am excited to see how that grows over the coming months.

Cameron Robson, One GIA Director said:

The MOD internal audit team brings with them a wealth of expertise and I am very happy to welcome them to GIAA.

This move marks a significant moment for us and for MOD, and I would like to thank MOD colleagues for sharing our commitment to growing one internal audit service across government and for playing an important part in helping build the capacity and capability of the Agency.

We are all looking forward to benefitting from the knowledge and experience that the MOD team brings, as, together, we continue to develop, innovate, and add value and insight to government.

Notes to editors

  • GIAA was formally established in 2015 with the aim of creating a single internal audit service across government.
  • GIAA delivers internal audit and counter fraud services, as well audit services for EU-funded programmes in the UK.
  • In his 2020 review of government functions, Lord Maude recommended that all remaining government departments should take their services from GIAA. The One GIA is focused on achieving that.
  • A full list of GIA

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